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Get genuine marketing strategy and advice plus a step-by-step plan to launch, promote and optimise your app.


Position your app correctly inside the iTunes and Google Play App Stores, increase your app’s visibility and gain more organic downloads.


Scale your app user acquisition, organic installs and/or push your app up into the Top Charts of your App Store category.

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For those simply looking to acquire targeted downloads from high lifetime value (LTV) app users at scale.


Architect a strategic App Marketing Plan that will increase your chances of App success.


You’ve Published Your App,
Now What?

With over 2 Million Apps now being hosted on the Apple App Store (and more than 2.2 Million in Google Play), the days of simply tossing your App out into the marketplace with the hope of gaining fame and fortune are in decline. Today, you need an effective App Marketing Strategy that attracts the buzz and downloads necessary to make your App a success.

Ideally, you will need to partner with a proven App marketing company to develop a solid App marketing plan and apply this to your App sales strategy to generate downloads and sales.

Because at the end of the day, it’s your App marketing strategy that will determine whether your App will take off, or become another fly-by-night venture like many of the tens of thousands of quality Apps out there that have never made a sale.

Since the launch of Apple’s app store, App Media has been studying and developing mobile marketing techniques that ensure an App success.

Some of the things we might implement for your app include:

  • Formulation of an effective mobile app marketing strategy
  • App store copy writing and graphics optimisation plus re-submission to the App Stores
  • Powerful keyword research tactics and App Store Optimisation
  • Mobile app landing page design, split testing and conversion rate optimisation
  • Setup and design of custom social media marketing campaigns
  • Mobile App installs campaigns that generates direct app installs and sales
  • Content marketing campaign management and optimisation
  • Unique PR strategies to quickly generate mass awareness in a short amount of time
  • Cross promotion of your app across our network of applications
  • Advanced app marketing strategies such as creation of your very own “App Network” to give you a competitive advantage
  • App submissions to relevant app review websites
  • Blog writing and posting on relevant blogs and forums with high traffic
  • Viral video creation and promotion via YouTube and social media channels
  • And many more possible strategies, depending on your app!

Marketing for iPhone and Android Apps is similar to marketing other online software products, however app-specific marketing tools have expanded in recent years, especially in the area of App Install networks and various mobile marketing channels. Nevertheless the steps are still the same: develop a product that your customers want and need (your App), create and promote compelling marketing messages that attract your ideal users, and continue to refine your product, your messaging and your marketing to retain loyal users and facilitate referral sales.

App Media understands that mobile App marketing is a process that incorporates these fundamental steps and we have an expert team able to perform them to increase sales success for your iPhone, iPad and/or Android app.

Whether you are just starting out as a first time developer or have created a number of Apps for sale, you’ll want to take a closer look at our App Marketing strategies if you desire to move beyond being a casual developer and seller of apps, to achieving your own best-selling brand. Contact us to begin the process of developing an App Marketing Plan or to discuss the options and pricing of our core App Marketing Packages. Call +61(2) 8007 5766 or enquire today to find out more.

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