Strategic Custom Conversion of Your Web Business to a Mobile App

Convert-Website-to-Mobile-App-300x192From: Jarrah Robertson
Director, Smart Media Innovations Pty Ltd
+61(2) 8007 5766, Sydney Australia

You’ve got a great looking site (and maybe even a mobile website), but it fails to effectively engage and convert customers into buyers (or subscribers) on mobile devices.

That’s where a strategic conversion of your website into a mobile app comes in.

As we all know, consumers are using mobile devices to find the information they want, as soon as they want it. They depend on the instant accessibility of mobile Apps to quickly tell them what they need to know, so they can make their purchasing decisions and get on with what they’re doing.

But while most companies understand the importance of mobile and have started investigating in ways to engage their customers on smart devices, many are not using the medium to its full potential.

Convert-Website-to-Mobile-300x253Simply converting your site into a mobile app just doesn’t cut it anymore. You also need an effective mobile app strategy that captures and converts fast, easier and more effectively than a mobile website could ever do.

Because if you don’t have a native mobile app strategy to support your mobile web strategy, you simply become another boring business site that fails to ever make a sale on mobile.

Today, smart business owners understand the power and importance of mobile marketing to their bottom line, and they use mobile apps to capture market share, connect with customers, and offer great deals in a way that’s fun and interactive, to boost their revenues. Whether they deliver a service, sell products in a store, or run a successful restaurant, they know that having a complete and well thought out mobile app strategy is one of the most effective ways of reaching heir customers and converting sales 24/7.

But there’s a science for doing so effectively. And that’s what we’re here to show you how and to implement for you.

Smart Media Innovations understands that effective mobile marketing is a process that incorporates fundamental sales and marketing principles and we have an expert team able to perform them to increase revenues for your business, no matter how big or small. Contact us to begin the process of converting your website into mobile, and developing an effective mobile marketing plan. Call +61(2) 8007 5766 or Enquire today!

Convert-Website-in-to-Mobile-App-300x195If you’re ready to implement an effective Web to Mobile conversion strategy…it’s easy to do.

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Or, if you have questions and you’d just like to talk to someone before you get started, I’m happy to talk to you and take you through the first couple of steps. You can call me on +61(2) 8007 5766. We’re in Sydney, Australia.

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