What currency are your prices in and do they include tax?

Due to our clients being located around the world, our pricing displayed on the mobileappmarketing.com.au website is standardised in US dollars (USD).

However, the prices are inclusive of tax (GST) for our Australian clients but exclusive of tax for all other international clients. This means the price you see is what you pay and we don’t add any further tax amounts to the total.

For Australian clients, we will invoice you in the equivalent Australian dollar value based on the exchange rate at time of invoicing.

For International clients, we will invoice you in USD dollars. But please note, you are responsible for covering any international transaction/currency exchange fees unless otherwise arranged. You are also responsible for paying any applicable international transaction taxes in your country of residence.

Does the package price or quoted cost include advertising spend?

Our package prices do not include any advertising budget allocated to the campaigns we are providing expertise on or managing for you.

The packages prices are only for our specialist App Marketing team to complete all the tasks and assets as set out in each App Media Package or Service Proposal. This is because each app launch campaign requires different amounts of advertising spend across different relevant platforms, based on the individual goals of our clients and the audience we’re targeting. We will advise and recommend what you can expect to spend in your app’s market to achieve an estimated amount of installs/users. And we will constantly test and refine your advertising campaigns to achieve the lowest possible cost per install (CPI) rates and the best value for your advertising dollars.

How does your invoicing work and what are your payment terms?

Once we agree to work together and you have accepted our Service Proposal we will send out an invoice to you. For all invoices, a minimum payment of the first 50% is required before work can commence and the remaining 50% is due within 30 days of us completing your order.

Do you offer other App Marketing services other than the packages available on your website?

Yes, we do. If you’re looking for a more tailored program, we can put together a custom package based on your specific requirements. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

We also offer content marketing, app design and app development services which can be combined with your app marketing package. Visit 10x.media and appmedia.com.au to find out more.

Why, for some of your package offers, do you get me to apply to work with you?

For our larger service packages we get our clients to apply to work with us. This is because we only have the time to dedicate ourselves to a limited number of new clients each month and we also want to make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

Ultimately, the application process helps set the framework for our initial conversation and consultation by helping us understand your business, your goals and your app so we can advise you properly before getting underway.

How long will my order take to complete?

We can’t provide a definitive time frame for each App Media Package or Service Proposal as each client’s app marketing requirements are different. Also we’ll quite often pick up things about our client’s apps that need to be addressed prior to launch. Therefore, timelines are subject to our client’s ability to resolve those issues quickly with their developer.

However, we do work hard and fast on the things we have control over, which means you can typically expect the following estimated project timelines:

  • App Review & Marketing Audit completed within 7 days;
  • App Store Optimisation (ASO) completed within 14 days;
  • App Launch & Installs Campaign starts upon client approval of the App Store Optimisation (and subject to the date that Apple approves the app with the new App Store Optimisation elements applied). Our initial launch campaigns then run for one month (30 days) unless otherwise arranged.

The above is what you can expect, but it’s important to remember that we cannot guarantee exact time frames as it is a two-way street when working on such projects. The client plays a big part in ensuring their product is ready and marketing assets are quickly approved. Any holdups we do experience are usually as a result of delayed feedback or the app still being in development phase with design and functionality iterations still being made.

Why do you start by doing a thorough investigation of my app and providing user feedback?

Good app marketing and positioning only cuts through when the marketer really understands the product and the audience it is being produced for. At App Media, we invest the time to really understanding your business, your goals, your target audience demographics and psychographics, and most importantly your app’s unique value proposition. With this information at hand, we can help best position your app in the online marketplace and prepare it for launch.

As part of our app investigation we also provide you with any necessary feedback about your app and business model. This is where we troubleshoot, find bugs, resolve user acquisition issues and make specific in-app recommendations that will help maximise our marketing campaigns.  Because we want you to succeed, we encourage best practices that facilitate success – and this means we’ll tell you straight up if there’s something we feel you urgently need to update on your app prior to launch.

What are your guarantees of success?

We cannot guarantee that your app will go viral and become the next big overnight success, or that you will be acquired by Facebook. However, using our breadth of experience in the App Marketing world, we will do everything we can to genuinely advise you as if your product was our own and to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business.

In most cases, we can guarantee a Top Charts ranking. But, experience tells us that ranking in the charts alone doesn’t always equal success. Successful app marketing requires a series of consistent install campaigns, ongoing PR, a great product to market fit, a well thought out revenue model, and exceptional viral and on-boarding mechanisms in place that amplify all our marketing efforts until such time as critical mass is achieved. This is what we can help you do.

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