Often app developers think that achieving exponential downloads will help increase their app’s ranking in the Apple App Store. While popularity does play a part, equally as important is how users rate the application. App experience is now one of the most crucial parts of ensuring a successful app release.

Maximising User Experience Will Increase Rankings In Apple’s App Store

App marketers and developers can no longer rely on massive download numbers to get them to the top of the Apple Store rankings. Instead, a positive app experience generating high app ratings will play a significant role.

A recent blog post from mobile user acquisition platform Fiksu discusses changes observed in Apples app store ranking algorithm and the rate at which App Store rank positioning is updated.

According to Fiksu’s senior client development manager, Tom Cummings, these changes indicate Apple now appears “to be emphatically linking user ratings and app rankings”.

Finally, an acknowledgement of quality over quantity.

Fiksu observed that apps with ratings of 4 or more stars were boosted in rank during late July, with little change since. Meanwhile, apps with ratings of less than 3 stars began falling in rank. Furthermore, Fiksu observed some evidence rankings were based on ratings for the most recent version of an app.

The rate at which the App Store rankings are updated has changed, increasing from every 15 minutes to every 3 hours. This move to lengthen time between updates could, says Fiksu, be a way to prevent rank manipulation.

“Three hours allows enough time to identify anomalies and remove apps before they suddenly appear at the top of rankings,” writes Cummings.

About the author: Helen Leggatt is a marketing and business writing professional with over 25 years experience. You can read more of her work online here.

Do you agree that user experience will pave the way forward for app rankings?

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