Think apps are just for entertainment? Think again – some of the most powerful business tools today can be accessed from your mobile phone. Collaborate with your team. Keep up to date with your brand’s social media. Keep important information you’ll need for later. Read on to find out some of the best marketing apps available.

The Best Apps For Marketing On iOS

there are some pretty interesting apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which promise to help marketers make the most of their time. Here’s my list of the very best ones.

1. Basecamp Official App – link, free.

Basecamp is a fantastic project management tool which allows companies both big and small to manage projects in real time and keep on top of work flow. It allows you to create to do lists, assign tasks, share files and pass on messages to team members. Perfect for both offline and online marketers, the Basecamp app allows you to check in on your projects, jump in on discussions and view project progress. You’ll need to set up an account at BasecampHQ to get started.

2. Dropbox – link, free.

Dropbox is my personal favourite cloud storage service. It may not offer the highest level of storage for free (you get 2GB of space upon sign-up), but it’s easy to get extra space simply by referring friends. The app is super simple to use and your iOS device can automatically upload photo’s and video to the cloud for save keeping. They can then be accessed through a traditional web browser or mobile device with the Dropbox app installed.

3. Evernote – link, free.

Evernote is the world’s number one note taking app. The app is available to download on all major mobile platforms, as well as Windows 8 computers, for cross compatibility. Evernote is perfect for content marketing or any form of marketing where ideas come very quickly to ones head. As a marketer, Evernote is perfect because it’s super simple to use. The app even made our best note taking applications list!

4. Analytiks – link, free.

The Analytiks app is a brilliant application for keeping tabs on your own websites traffic levels. It is not as fully featured as the official desktop version of Google Analytics, however you can add charts to show unique visitors per day, page views per day, and it offers interesting insights including bounce rate, time on page and most popular content. The biggest feature of Analytiks versus other similar apps is that it converts stats in to gorgeous infographics. Check it out to see what I mean.

5. Pinterest – link, free.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network ever. If you aren’t already using it in your marketing efforts, then chances are your competition are leap frogging you. Download the official Pinterest app to keep tabs on your account, discover new pins, and upload pins from web pages.

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Which app would you most recommend professionals download (and use)?

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