Have trouble juggling all the business cards you collect? There’s an app for that. There’s also one to turn your smart phone into a bona fide scanner, send out publicity pitches and gain Instagram analytics and insights. Intrigued? 

8 Mobile Apps for Marketers

As marketing professionals progressively spend more time on the road or commuting and the functionality of mobile devices keeps increasing, it makes sense that more work is being performed on mobile devices. To keep things simple, and to keep work effective, mobile app developers have come up with some impressive solutions to common problems of mobile device use.

Here are eight of those stellar mobile apps that are great for marketers:


If you’re a Google app addict, as so many of us are, the Google Apps Browser will help you manage all the apps in one place. The Google Apps Browser allows access to 18 different Google apps including Gmail, Docs, Maps, Finance, Reader, YouTube, Picassa, Images, Twitter, Facebook, and much more. Since the app is free, you have nothing to lose in giving this one a try.


Postling ranks among the apps available to manage multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc), but it has a few extra features that sets it apart. Postling allows you to post and respond from whichever account you wish without having to switch back and forth.Postlings helps you manage interaction by offering suggestions on what activities you may want to tackle next.

Additionally, each day, Postling will email you a daily recap of the day before, offering up some activity you may have missed. You can reply directly from the email without having to even open the app again.


Marketers and public relations professionals need to keep up to date with news. Flipboard provides a visually excited platform to organize current events and articles. The app is designed to simulate a magazine layout.

Within the app you can build your own magazine around topics of interest to you. Flipboard connects to social networks so you can post directly to social media from the app; this includes responding to feedback from your posts.


A great app for those professionals always on the go, Genius Scan turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. Scan documents, edit and enhance, and then send off directly to clients, all on your phone.


If Instagram is a portion of your marketing strategy, Statigram is a must-have mobile app. Statigram is the like Google Analytics for Instagram. The app helps you to manage the Instagram account by searchinghashtags and people, following and unfollowing users, as well as provide useful statistics to help you track your messaging. Statigramcollects data on number of likes, most popular photos, growth monitoring, community insights, account history, and optimization tips.


For times when press releases are too stale, PitchEngine is a visually pleasing way to get the word out. The PitchEngine tool gives you a layout that can include photos and video to create the perfect business pitch. The app also connects with social media to help spread your messaging.


Tired of hauling around a stack of business cards? Or can you never find the card of the person you want to reach? Cardmunch provides a simple solution to those problems. With Cardmuch, just take a picture of the business card and it automatically uploads the contact information and finds that contact in LinkedIn. Problem solved.


The hunt for a WiFi signal is always on when you’re traveling for business. With the WiFi Finder mobile app, professionals can track down the nearest WiFi signal to make that Skype call or to save on mobile minutes. The app has over 650,000 registered WiFi locations in over 144 countries ensuring a signal is never too far away.

Wendy Parish is a contributing editor for Marketing Dive, an online reference point for marketers. You can read more of her work here

What are some of your favourite business apps?

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