Not all marketing is created equal. While mobile app marketing shares some traits and processes with traditional marketing and communications tactics, it also comes with it’s own set of considerations. There is little point spending money developing an app if you don’t have a strong marketing strategy to get it noticed. You don’t have to engage an agency to manage your app development and marketing, but sometimes it does make good business sense to do so. 

4 Reasons To Choose A Mobile Marketing Agency When Buying An App

ith the mobile industry on the rise in the 21st century, the demand for mobile app development and the need for custom mobile apps for small businesses is growing. Any small business that is wanting to get ahead in their industry, niche, or community would do himself a favor by having a custom mobile app. There are many ways to purchase, build, and develop mobile apps as the demand for applications has increased. The question at stake is, “What company do I go with and how do I know they can deliver?

1. Not all app developers are created equal. Most mobile application developers do NOT understand branding and marketing. App developers have a coding and design skill. However, most app developers and builders will not be able to explain how to utilize and leverage the app. It would be sad to spend precious dollars on a mobile app and not utilize it to it’s full potential right? Hiring a mobile marketing agency to build your app and consult with you on how to leverage your new custom app is essential. When it comes to choosing an app developer, keep this sacred thought in mind, “Are these people going to set me up for success and ensure that my app is utilized to its full potential?” This is why going with amobile marketing agency could be the best route in terms of ROI.

2. Know why you need it. Many people want an app. It’s kind of like the ol’ cliche saying, “I need a website!” It’s good to desire a mobile app and to have a website. But, the burning question is, “Why do I need a mobile app?” Most folks do good in the fact that they realize they need one. We need to compete and stay in the game of competition. But, WHY? The truth is, we need a custom mobile app to keep our current customers coming back, get new customers, build our name and brand, and get referrals for more business. It takes someone who understands buyer behavior and the advertising game to accomplish this. A mobile marketing agency not only understands the mobile aspect of marketing, but truly knows what it means to get that mobile app in front of a business’ target audience.

3. Higher price doesn’t always mean better. Some apps can be built for over $100,000. This is outrageous for the rural business owner who wants to engage his small community with his business. A small business owner needs a competitive price and solid app in one package. A mobile marketing agency that has the capability to build a strong, engaging, and user friendly app, AND that has the ability to consult with you on how to effectively harness the features of the app, could better serve you in terms of your bottom line.The truth is, mobile app design is becoming increasingly more easy. Hiring software developers, designers, and coding people are not always necessary. Many mobile app companies will give you the runaround about how they have a team of designers and developers that will coordinate and take 6 weeks to develop your app. Maybe they do make it that difficult on themselves. However, it really is a lot more simpler than this. So, do not be lured into choosing one company over the other simply because their prices are higher.

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Did you engage an agency to help market or develop your app?

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